INNOspace Weekend is hosted by the DLR Space Administration in the course of the INNOspace Initiative. It is a 3 day intensive extended weekend where you can unlock your creative potential, invent the future and build a startup in just 60 hours.



Solution Space | Am Hof ​​20-26, 50667 Cologne


Friday 15th September, 09:00
– Sunday 17th September, 23:00



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Who should attend?

We invite all aspiring entrepreneurs to join us for an extended weekend in Cologne where you will create a startup in just 60 hours. Whether you are a student, graduate, or young professional or want a change of career direction, INNOspace Weekend is for you! Note the event will be in English.

What will I do?

During the INNOspace Weekend you will learn about each of the sectors of space, automotive and logistics, and identify challenges in each of those sectors. You will learn how to apply the design thinking process to innovate real-life problems and generate multiple ideas in a constructive way. Resources will be made available for you to build your own prototype to be able to test and validate with potential customers.

But I am not a space engineer or scientist. I have no background in business. How can I contribute?

You don’t have to be a space engineer, scientist or business expert. Innovation is not possible without influence from a mix of expertise and successful innovation requires input across disciplines. Mentors will be available to support you with their expertise in academia, business, marketing, technology and law, among others. You will have guidance in how to construct your own business model. Just bring your pen, paper and an open mind.

What do automotive and logistics have to do with space?

INNOspace promotes tech transfer between space and other industries (spin-off, spin-in). We decided for the first event to link space with automotive and logistics, which are two cluster sectors in the region of Cologne. From autonomous vehicles, to transportation of goods, satellite navigation enables global tracking and earth observation gives us a clear picture of what is happening from above.    



We are organising tours to facilities relating to space, automotive and logistics. Details will follow shortly in our announcements.    

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks will be provided throughout the event. Kickstart your day with a tasty breakfast and coffee, enjoy a delicious lunch and end the day with a hearty dinner – all to help power you through an intensive weekend of activities.    


We are currently working with hotels in Cologne to secure a special deal for participants. In the meantime, please check Booking.com or Airbnb.com.

It sounds great! Why haven’t I heard about this before?

INNOspace Weekend is the first event of its kind in Europe. It takes its influences from Startup Weekend and integrates design thinking and other processes to enable creative innovation.


Space is a vibrant and high-growth sector and is an essential part of the global economy. In recent years, many “new space” startups have emerged as companies, increasing the commercialisation of the sector. “New space” or “Space 4.0” is becoming a reality here in Europe. We want you to be a part of it!

About INNOspace

An initiative of the DLR Space Management, INNOspace aims to provide incentives for innovation and the transfer of space to new technologies and application areas through new methodological approaches. Space is not only scientifically and politically motivated. It calls for more private sector involvement and new business models. For more information please visit: http://dlr-innospace.de (German).

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